Hello There!

I am an artist, illustrator, and screen printer living and working out of Detroit, MI. I have been making art my whole life! I love knowing that my artwork hangs on many peoples walls and makes their lives a bit brighter. Most of my work is either nature based, of botanicals and plants or imaginative because that is what I like, and what I like to draw.

I am a founder and owner of Ocelot Print Shop, a community screen printing shop and artist's collective in Detroit's Cass Corridor. Being a commercial screen printer for 5 years means I pulled a lot of squeegees and became a really good printer. In my time before having a baby I also worked as a beekeeper! At one point I tended over 30 hives and taught beekeeping classes in Detroit.

If you are interested in purchasing some of my work please go to my store. If you see something you like on here, but it isn’t in the store, send me a message and I may just have one floating around. I also do commission illustration work, wall drawing and prints. If you are interested in commissioning me to make some artwork for you send me a message!

All of my screen prints are made from original drawings of mine. Each one is a little unique, because they are all hand pulled by me. I use eco-friendly water based inks for paper and textile printing. All my prints are printed on French Paper, a Michigan based family owned paper mill that creates lovely papers. My towels are printed on 100% cotton towels that are also produced in Michigan by a small family owned business. I am committed to reducing my waste and reusing materials whenever possible, so you may occasionally receive a package you ordered from me in an upcycled box or package!

In my free time (ha ha what is that?!?!) I am the mother of a very imaginative five year old, own a 119 year old house with a large hoop house and garden in the back yard and enjoy listening to audiobooks, knitting, making plant medicines, being outside and spending time with my family.